Fever United has a New Website!

Posted by Fever United on Mar 01 2012 at 01:10PM PST in 2016

This website will be a useful tool for parents and coaches as it provides greater flexibility and access to information. General club and team info is online now and we will continue to populate the site with useful resources. The biggest improvement is each individual team now has its own team page with an independent calendar, news, and photo and video galleries. Your team manager has the ability to add information & pictures for your specific team as appropriate.

Game, practice, and other events can be added to the team’s calendar. Parents can utilize that information in a variety of ways, i.e. bookmark the webpage to refer to the calendar online or open events and import into your personal calendar tool such as Outlook or Google, or sync to it as an icalendar. By subscribing to the iCalendar, your cell phone or Outlook will update automatically when an event is changed on the team calendar.

Many of you have already created an account over the last few weeks while we were getting the site setup. Although you don’t need to register to view the website, there are advantages to registering and creating an account; most importantly communication. Subscribers can receive text and email reminders for game or practices, notifications about new announcements, and subscribe to their team’s calendar.

BTW if you had been using the site over the last few weeks and bookmarked links, they may no longer work as the site has been moved to


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