What A Week-End!!!

Posted by Willard Smith on Mar 27 2012 at 05:24PM PDT in 2016

Wins, losses, undefeated going in-undefeated coming out, a little side line drama and the weather! Spring time soccer in North Texas!I thoroughly enjoyed watching our kids play this past week-end. I watched wins and saw confidence take off; I watched losses and saw widespread skill improvements. (Skill improvement – the best bang for your hard earned bucks. Teach’em today and they’ll be used tomorrow and the next day and the next and the next and for many more to come.)

I want to pass on a bit of advice which you’re probably already aware of……but here goes anyway: The warm weather this past week-end caught me by surprise. I worked matches Friday night, Saturday and Sunday. Now, I exercise regularly, but I was not hydrated well enough for the week-end. I saw a few of our players who were not ready either. So my advise is this, begin hydrating your child by Wednesday for a Saturday or Sunday outdoor match. It takes that long for their bodies to fully prepare.

Check this out from the Ben Hogan Sports Medicine Group:

*Adequate hydration is essential for ALL athletes of ALL sports. Even a 2% dehydration level can decrease performance; it is important that you consume fluids all day, not just around your workout or game. The 2004 Dietary Reference Intake recommendations state that adequate intake of fluid is 3.7 liters/day (130oz or 16 cups) for males and 2.7 liters/day (95oz or 12 cups) for females. Now does this mean JUST water…NO! You can get adequate “fluid” from a variety of drinks and foods.

Effects of Dehydration
• Muscle cramps, tears, pulls, strains • Nausea
• Dry mouth • Increased muscle soreness
• Joint pain • Lightheadedness / headache
• Increased time needed for recovery • Heat exhaustion
• Decreased performance • Heat stroke
• Fatigue • Susceptibility to colds and sickness
What Counts as Fluid?
• Water • Fruit juice
• Flavored waters like Crystal Light • Coffee
• Sports drinks • Fruits
• Tea • Vegetables
• Smoothies • Soup*

I’ve seen center referees, lines persons and players go down during a match because of dehydration. I urge you, get’em hydrated before the match….and start today.

See ya on the pitch._


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