Families Grow & Change..........

Posted by Willard Smith on Apr 24 2012 at 11:31AM PDT in 2016

_………..and sometimes we aren’t happy with the change. The Fever family under goes a major change today as one of our longest termed officers steps down. Kim Mathis has decided to relinquish her role as Fever Business Manager effective immediately. The change comes as Kim has decided to just be a soccer mom for a while. Totally understandable. We now have some big shoes to try and fill as search for a new Business Manager is under way. Until a replacement is located, Willard Smith (the dad) will serve as President and Business Manager for the Club.

We can say “thank-you” and “we’ll miss your efforts” ‘till the cows come home, but the extent of Kim’s commitment to Fever will be missed long after we’re done talking. Shortly after formation of the Club’s founding team, Kim joined Constance and has help get Fever turned up and running. The two spent many hours planning and launching what has become one of the more prominent programs in this area. From Constance………thank-you Kim. Thank-you very much.

Enjoy the break, try some other things…..and hopefully you’ll join us again later on for part II.


2012-04-24T19:14:45.000-07:00April 24 2012, at 07:14 PM PDT, Penny Lowe said:

Thank you, Kim, for all of your hard work these past few years for Fever United! We appreciate everything you have done to get us where we are!
The Lowe Family (Molly)