Speed and agility coming to TTR Wednesday

Posted by Fever United FC on Mar 01 2016 at 12:53PM PST in 2016


At any level, speed separates the outstanding players from the average. Therefore, soccer speed training sessions should play a major role in your child’s development. Unfortunately, “speed” in soccer can be quite complex. It certainly entails more than just running fast. When you talk about speed in soccer, here are some of the attributes that our coaching staff define as speed:
Quick speed off the mark
Quick acceleration over 10-15 yards
Good speed endurance
Speed in possession of the ball
Quickness of feet or agility
The ability to quickly change direction
The ability to execute skills quickly
Last but not least… speed of thought
You can see from the above that world class 100m track sprinters don’t necessarily have the attributes to be world class soccer players. And by the same token…world class soccer players don’t have the same attributes to be world class 100m track sprinters. Players who are not typically fast runners can excel in soccer if they have sharp feet and quick speed of thought. Remember that old phrase…
“The first 10 yards are in your head.”
Absolute speed or your ability to run fast is determined by a number of factors – the obvious one being genetics. However, if you’ve been blessed with less than favorable sprinting genes don’t worry too much. A good soccer speed training program will improve the efficiency of your muscle fibers (if not the type or amount of them) and that will make you faster.
Therefore, the Fever United Futbol Club would like to introduce the Fever FASST program. Fever FASST will offer soccer speed training to increase your child’s sprinting power, acceleration and speed off the mark. Soccer players rarely sprint more than 50 yards in a straight line during games/training sessions.
Secondly, the aim of the Fever FASST training program is to increase your child’s speed endurance. Speed endurance training significantly improves your recovery after a bout of repetitive sprints. Your body’s ability to remove lactic acid increases which can make such a difference to your overall performance in games/training sessions.
Thirdly, the Fever FASST program will improve agility, foot speed and reaction time. The emphasis of these specific movements will be on short, sharp movements of a high quality.
Finally, incorporating a ball into some of the speed and agility drills is important to make all those gains in speed transferable to the field of play in training sessions and on the weekends.
I have attached a power point presentation of the Fever FASST training program to this email for your review. Coach Pile will be holding these training sessions at the same location as TT&R every Wednesday in the month of May. Please check your March TT&R calendar for more logistics regarding the time and location of Fever FASST training. If you are interested in having your child participate in this program please register by clicking on the following link:
If you have any further questions please feel free to contact me directly or via email. Enjoy the rest of your day.
Kenneth Penn