St. Martin Update..

Posted by Fever United FC on Mar 02 2016 at 11:57AM PST in 2016

Fever United Soccer Club,
Please read the information below. Fever United supports St. Martin Church in the Fields unconditionally on the gun law The Right To Carry Firearms.
Here is the information and a link regarding handguns. The legal statutes we are siting are 30.06 and 30.07. There are plenty of links on the web but here is one that sums things up rather well.

We decided that we are not going to post signs on the property. Alternatively the law states that informing people that guns are not welcome meets the requirement for legal notice. So, instead of large signs we have laminated cards that can be used.
When I was researching all of this a Southlake police officer gave me another good piece of advice. He said that if you ask someone to remove the weapon from the premises and they do not comply you can and should call the police. He did ask that, in that case, we do not call and say that there is a person walking around with a gun on the premises. Doing so would indicate that there is a dangerous situation and their response would be quite large (think SWAT). If the case is the person is refusing to remove the weapon from the premises that you call the police and state that the person is not complying with the request. They will respond however it will be with far less force.

I am not anticipating a problem as once a licensed to carry gun owner is informed they will comply so that they do not risk loosing their license.

Please let me know if you have any questions.