Posted by Fever United FC on Jun 26 2017 at 06:45AM PDT in 2016

Reflecting over the pass couple of days, I can’t help but feel Fever Proud. A little disappointment creeps in for a moment but, I remind myself of all the awesome things that the team did in all of their Regional games. They won a hard fought Game against South Carolina today. Very close learns 2-0 with one of the goals being an unfortunate own goal and a 3-2 with two questionable offsides that stop one on ones with the goalie, dominating most of the game. I am not making any excuses for Fever 01G. Every team at Regionals played awesome! You had to be on your complete game from start to finish. There were college coaches all over the soccer complex. What the college coaches didn’t know or see was the integrity and character that the Fever 01s has always had. Something most people don’t know is, most of the Fever 01s are actually playing up and will only be entering 10th in the Fall. They are competing with players that are a year older (going into 11th grade) than they are. They stayed strong as team and never quitting during adversity. I could go on but, for this moment I will be Fever Proud for the team and their awesome parents..


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