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Select Team Uniform Standards

These are the only three permitted uniform combinations:

Red Uniform - Red jersey with red shorts and red socks.

White Uniform - White jersey with white shorts and white socks.

Gray Uniforms - Gray jersey with Gray shorts and Gray socks.

Primary Uniform Color is Always Red - Only use White / Gray uniform when required. 

Gray Uniforms are required for NPL {primary)

Sliders - white or black.

Under Armor - Can be red, white or black as long as every player has on the same color.

League Play - Follow league and Fever United uniform policy.

Tournaments - Always wear red; change only when tournament rules require. If your team makes it to a championship game, the coach can pick any color.

Practice gear - Gray Fever United practice t-shirt, black practice puma shorts, puma black socks, Fever United warm-ups and head gear can only be worn for cold-weather games. Gray Fever hoodie.

Academy Team Uniform Standards

Primary Jersey - White with red or black shorts and socks to match shorts.

Alternate Jersey - Red with red or black shorts and socks to match shorts.

Practice Jersey - Red Fever tee shirt with black Puma shorts and black puma socks.

Winter Wear - White long sleeve shirt can be worn under jersey with black leggings or tights under shorts. The team should be consistent on color.  Players can also wear black/red gloves and black/red cap or ear covering. Gray hoodie for practice.