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Fever United 10G WTX

Fever United 10G Barrera  train in Odessa, Texas.  They are a very competitive hard working team. Coach Barrera is committed to developing the whole player on and off the field. The parents are Very committed  and supportive.


Fever 10G Barrera

By Fever United 04/11/2019, 11:00pm CDT

This group right here played an Amazing tournament this past weekend. They played up an age group in U10 Platinum Division. This group only allowed 1 goal that was a clear hand ball in the semi final. The ref was about to blow the whistle and call it but when he saw the shot went in he counted it. The head coach from the team that won the Championship came up to our team mom and complimented on how great our girls played and said our girls should've been in the final. After this game I was by myself away from everyone  upset and disappointed at the ref and at myself. Jason Martinez came up to me and talked to me and made me feel a lot better. The Fever girls came back in the 3rd place game and just dominated and finished on a Great note. With that being said I want to Thank God, our Fever Family, my Wife Alejandra Barrera, Jeremy Estrada, Tina Estrada, Daniel Vega, Roxy Cabrera Vega, Hugo Leyva and everyone else who reached out to show love and send prayers to Jason and Yvonne Delarosa-Martinez family. Jordyn and Legend  were 100% Troopers through all of this yesterday. God said not today! God is Great! Amen!


Head Coach: Coach Barrera



Marisol Rivera