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  1. Competitive Membership Form: 
    • Required to be rostered to a competitive team.
  2. Proof of Age: 
    • Birth Certificate, Passport, Drivers License-see below if player has foreign birth certificate
    • Only new players joining your team
    • No hospital / religious records will be accepted
    • Suggestion: Ask parent for original birth certificate with raised seal, you make a copy and return to parent.
  3. Full Release Form: 
    • Required to release a player from a team’s roster.
    • Must be processed by North Texas.
    • Turn in processed release form to Home Association so player can be released.
  4. Transferred Player: 
    • Full Release form is required for all transfers
    • Must be processed by North Texas
    • Turn in processed release form to Home Association so player can be transferred.

Remember after any change to your roster you are required to send a copy of your roster to your playing league.


 Any player over the age of ten (10) who has a birth certificate from another country must complete the International Clearance through FIFA.   Arlington Soccer cannot put players onto teams who have not completed this paperwork.  It is recommended that you start this process right away to avoid the player missing games.  US Soccer estimates it could take as much as two months to process applications. 

Players under the age of 10 with a foreign birth certificate are encouraged to apply right away to avoid delays when they reach age 11.

Click the link below for more details and forms needed to complete an International Clearance.

                                                CLICK HERE

If you have questions, email or call 214-297-5022